Thomas Knobel
Nobel is constantly growing and developing new products and services, at the same time adapting the existing ones to changes in the international telecom and remittance industries.

With experienced leadership, an entrepreneurial focus and the power of its global network, the Nobel family of products is positioned to carry the company strongly into the future.

Thomas C. Knobel

sandro bianco

A professional, with years of experience in multiple leadership positions, well seasoned strategist, holding Executive Board Directorships on numerous companies and in various aspects and roles of management within diversified sectors:- strategic operations & business development, e-commerce, financial services, hospitality procurement, global sourcing, FMCG, estimation, vendor development, contracts implementation & finalization, capital purchase, value – engineering, inventory management, logistics.

  • FinTech, Blockchain and E-Commerce
  • International Business Development & Marketing.
  • Executive Management.
  • Commercial Operations Management
  • Significant experience managing operations in a team with global presence
  • Ability to translate business requirements into action and action into success measures
  • Take overs / Country start-ups / Tax Optimisation
  • Regional representation.
  • Contract Purchasing / Negotiation pricing setup.
  • Business formula refinement & re-structuring.

Sandro Bianco

Group CEO

Alin Gherman

CEO NobelTel
Alin Gherman joined Nobel in 2015 as CCO and he is currently the Chief Executive Officer of NobelTel, a company active in multiple telecom and technology verticals – retail, wholesale, CCaaS, OTT, Fintech. In this role, he drives the strategy and product directions.

Given the changing climate in telecom, fraud became an ever present risk, putting it at the forefront of discussions. Nobel is committed to helping our partners identify and manage vulnerabilities.

With 20 years of business and over 15 years of management experience, Alin has had a phenomenal journey throughout his career and his expertise in corporate structuring and strategic growth brought him the reputation of a business leader.“